What is Bitcoin(BSV)?

What are Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin? Cryptocurrency: A digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds through public ledgers that operate independently of a governing central bank. Bitcoin(BSV): A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly …


The Akashic Records (AK.A – The Akashic Archives) could be described as the universe’s quantum operating system and its infinite library of collected data.

The AK.A operates as the eternal storage server of all information for every conscious entity throughout all space. The AK.A contains every event, action, word, emotion, thought, and intention that has ever occurred at any time in any timeline available throughout the quantum multiverse. The AK.A is also responsible for regulating individual duality, karma, dark and light energy throughout the universe.

Humans have known about and utilized akashic energy for as long as we have existed. It is an etheric energy field of infinitely collected data from every human life there ever was. Imagine being able to not only learn about your past lives but to learn what they learned, feel what they felt, experience an entire life through another perspective. The AK.A is available to all humans in order to grow our akashic knowledge collectively.

Sophia, the Monad Goddess of Creation, sleeps, dreaming of an Akashic Universe.

The AK.A holds the belief that shamans, mystics, witches, wizards, and magicians from all ages and corners of the globe have access to a spiritually recorded universal database of wisdom and information.

Nothing stated on this website is presented as fact, only opinions and beliefs are posted.

Please use proper discernment and reasoning when engaging on AK.A


These are the Psychic Services that I have available.

By offering Psychic Services via Blockchain transactions, I am able to accurately track the value of my Psychic Abilities in 4th dimensional reality. Were I to do this using a Fiat Currency I would be basing my value upon the value that the US Dollar deemed me worthy.

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